About Us

Our Mission

At Impact Precision, we are dedicated to designing products that best fit the individual needs of Precision Rifle Shooters, Law Enforcement, Military, Hunters, and Enthusiasts alike. We strive to continually improve upon our products as we find ways to better each design. whether that be new and improved features or lowering cost of production and consumer costs, we want to provide our customers with the best BANG for their buck. 

It is our goal to be your target company of choice and the one you recommend to friends and family, not just because its our business, but because we truly want to see our customers happy with the purchases they've made.

We also stand behind our products and want to hear about your experiences, good or bad. That's one way we use to see what works and what needs improved, so please leave a review! With that being said, if you have any questions or a concern please do not hesitate to reach out and we will do our best to answer anything to the fullest.

Who We Are

We are a small family owned manufacturing company located outside of Austin, Texas in the beautiful Central Texas Hill Country. Our team consists of me (Cody), my wife Savannah, our two boys Jackson and Walker, and our two German Shepherd pups Ghost and Heidi. 

As a former Infantry Scout Sniper turned Infantry Officer (currently serving in the TXARNG) I've been able to utilize many of the weapon platforms the Army has to offer. After seeing their effects on a multitude of targets and through testing on a variety of uparmored vehicles utilizing the same 3/8" thick AR500 and what they are able to endure, we at Impact Precision ONLY use the best American Made AR500 Steel.

Also, as an avid mountain hunter I know the advantages of practicing on targets similar to what I intend to hunt, and that's why we have our designed our Full-Size Reactive Animal Target Lineup.

Our Targets

Everything we manufacture is produced using American Made AR500 steel. We allow only the highest quality sourced military grade AR500 steel available.

We pre-process our bare steel plates before cutting to ensure the highest quality end-products. we also post process each and every target, mount, hook, and base so that there are no sharp edges. Doing all these extra steps leave us with a product that has a very nice stonewashed finish that has soft texture to the touch.

At this time we do ship our targets unpainted, meaning there could be surface rust due to shipping. However, this will not effect the durability of your targets or other IMPACT products.

WE also utilize Grade 8 hardware, meaning when you inevitably shoot one of the carriage or hex head bolts used on our products, the bolts won't be rendered useless, though they will still break if shot enough times.